Capital Campaign for The Plaza Live





The Plaza Live: From Vision to Reality

The Plaza Live represents a myriad of opportunities for the Orlando Philharmonic to strengthen its mission through:

  • Expanding program impact to include new audiences and experiences for students, families and adults.
  • An enhanced venue for intimate Philharmonic concerts designed to engage and inspire.
  • The continuation of financial stability and accountability with the addition of earned revenue through rentals, concessions and more.


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The Plaza Live Transformation

The full impact for the Orlando Philharmonic and the community will be seen upon the completion of the renovation of the historic building. Originally a dual movie theater, The Plaza Live at its core meets the two most pressing needs for the orchestra: a quality rehearsal space for its musicians, and sufficient administration space for its staff. When completed, the facility will include:

  • A theater designed to work  (for/with) both amplified and acoustic performances
  • A true rehearsal hall, which can also be rented for community events and recitals
  • Improved backstage amenities for visiting artists
  • A spacious lobby with a full bar, offering additional earned revenue for the organization
  • Ample free parking for the convenience of our patrons
  • Appropriate office space for staff and locations for volunteers to work
  • An increased music library designed to maximize the space fitted with tools to preserve and protect orchestral scores




Within the Capital Campaign for The Plaza Live, there exist other specific opportunities to update and expand the functionality of the building.

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The purchase and renovation of The Plaza Live was a bold decision driven by both an immediate need and a vision for long-term sustainability.  The community support for the project has been encouraging and we invite you to join others in making this vision a reality.