8:00PM, Saturday, March 21, 2020
Eric Jacobsen,conductor
Aaron Diehl,piano
Alicia Hall Moran,vocals
Holland Andrews,vocals
Holcombe Waller,vocals
Gabriel Kahane,vocals
WANG JIE– Symphonic Overture
GERSHWIN– Rhapsody in Blue
KAHANE– emergency shelter intake form

An evening of all American composers featuring music deeply rooted in the culture that binds us all together. Influenced by the spirit and sounds of jazz, Gershwin’s Rhapsody in Blue, has enchanted audiences since it’s premiere in 1924. Composer-in-Residence Gabriel Kahane’s emergency shelter intake form will feature Alicia Hall Moran, who made her Broadway debut in Porgy and Bess, starring as Bess, and a choir of members who have been affected by homelessness. Kahane’s piece shines an essential light on our society through music that will inspire, bring hope, and stir the soul.

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