Seeking Answers

7:00PM, Monday, October 16, 2023
The Plaza Live
425 N. Bumby Ave
Orlando, FL 32803
Eric Jacobsen,conductor
The Westerlies:
Riley Mulherkar,trumpet
Chloe Rowlands,trumpet
Andy Clausen,trombone
Willem de Koch,trombone
IVES– The Unanswered Question
CONRAD TAO– Westerlies Concerto (commissioned by and for the Orlando Philharmonic Orchestra and The Westerlies; world premiere)
TRADITIONAL– “Saro” (arr. Sam Amidon/Nico Muhly; adapted by The Westerlies)
Westerlies selections arranged for orchestra
DVORAK– String Quartet No. 12, “American,” for brass quartet and orchestra (arr. Curtis Stewart)

The opening work on this program immerses us in Ives’ haunting mini-philosophy-lesson about the universe and man’s eternal search for meaning in it. Three groups of players (a string orchestra, a solo trumpet, and a group of flutes) make their arguments with the inevitable conclusion. The Westerlies, an “arty quartet … mixing ideas from jazz, new classical, and Appalachian folk” (~ The New York Times) with a ferociously unique vision of brass—and yes, named for the prevailing west to east winds—blow in to play Conrad Tao’s Westerlies Concerto. And in a classy-brassy pivot, an ear-stretching take on Dvořák’s exuberant string quartet, especially arranged for the OPO and The Westerlies, is bound to please!


Eric Jacobsen
Music Director
The Westerlies