Joel Brown

Second Trombone

Member since: 2011
Hometown: Orlando, FL
Hobbies/Interests: Most of my time outside of music is occupied by writing computer software. But, if have extra time, I love traveling, hiking, rock climbing, playing games, and volunteering at my church.

Music is the essence of the universe to me. It is one of the astounding facts of life – how is it that a simple alignment of waves can create the beauty and texture that we hear? How is it that vibrations of air can bring someone to tears or brighten their day? I see and hear music everywhere, so it is simply my passion to explore it to its fullest. While I do other things to preoccupy myself, only when I am performing, writing, or listening to music do I truly feel complete.

Joel Brown is an active, but transient musician, performing throughout Orlando, FL, and Houston, TX. When he is not performing with the Orlando Philharmonic, he is jamming with Fried Ice Cream, “pantalooning” at the Texas Renaissance Festival, or playing at church services.

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