Victor Vanacore III

Victor Vanacore III has received several scholarships from various universities, including Berklee College of Music and the University of North Texas. He ultimately received an Accounting and Business Law degree from California State University, Northridge, and went on to earn his CPA. Throughout this time while in college and previously, Victor has had the opportunity to play for or with various artists to include Herbie Hancock, Liza Minelli, and Ray Charles. Other high profile projects have included playing in the band, The Calling which was featured in the movie Coyote Ugly. Victor also can be heard playing various types of indigenous percussion on many TV projects on CBS, including the hit television show Survivor, and was the regional winner of the Guitar Center Drum-Off for the West Coast. More recently, he was with an Indie group called Roses and Cigarettes, completing their second album titled, “Echoes in Silence” which garnered acclaim from Rolling Stone for the up-and-coming band of the year.

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