In Memoriam: Dr. Lev Gurevich

Dr. Lev Gurevich

The Orlando Philharmonic Orchestra joins the community of students, artists, and musicians in mourning the passing of Dr. Lev Gurevich. Dr. Gurevich served as Assistant Concertmaster and Concertmaster of the Florida Symphony Orchestra, Bach Festival Orchestra, and also performed with the Orlando Philharmonic Orchestra in its early years before retiring to teach full-time. Lev was regarded by all who knew him as an artist of the highest caliber and was a source of artistic inspiration and life-long learning who will forever be revered as a mentor and teacher of music and life.

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Revered violin teacher, Dr. Lev Isaacovich Gurevich, passed away on Friday, September 18, 2020. A beacon of classical music performance and instruction in the Central Florida community, he was loved by all his students and colleagues but most of all by his beloved wife, Michele Gurevich and his son Michael “Misha” Gurevich. He is also survived by daughter Vera Gubnitskaia, her husband Lee Foster of Orlando, and grandchildren Polina Gubnitskaia and Daniel Foster. Also, former spouses Svetlana Gubnitskaya and Zalina Gurevich.

Dr. Gurevich first learned violin in his hometown of Moscow, Russia, at the age of 7-years old with Miss Kisilova, who was a family friend. He then studied at the Children’s Music School of Moscow and then the Central Music School of Moscow known as SAMSHA, where his music teacher was his uncle Simeon Ilyich Bezrodny. Later, he studied at Glinka Music Conservatory in Novosibirsk, USSR, where he received his Conservatoria and Aspirantura degrees, focusing in chamber music, solo, and string quartet. There he performed violin with his quartet who played for renowned violinist Dmitri Shostakovich.

Dr. Gurevich, a violin virtuoso, won the Shostakovich Competition that was judged and awarded by the composer himself. He was the soloist and principal of the Novosibirsk Opera Orchestra while a student at the conservatory where he was allowed to begin his postdoctoral studies with professor Tsiganov . “It was a great 5 years.” said Dr. Gurevich.

Though initially accepted, he was denied entrance to The Moscow Conservatory due to discrimination against Jews at the time. Eventually, at the age of 24 he was allowed to begin his post-doctoral studies there.

He emigrated to the United States in 1980, where he became member of the Florida Symphony Orchestra and subsequently served as concertmaster, as well as concertmaster of the Bach Festival Orchestra.

As a violin teacher, he taught students of all ages for 40 years. Over the decades he coached and inspired his students to become professional orchestra players, concertmasters, and international competition winners. Most notable, one of his students is concertmaster of The New World Symphony Orchestra, another concertmaster at Tanglewood Festival, and another, a competitor at the most prestigious competition in the world, The Queen Elizabeth Competition in Belgium.

Through his passion for teaching and humble, gentle demeanor, he fostered relationships with students and their families .
His love of music and dedication to our community will sorely be missed but his legacy will live on in the hearts and music of those who loved him.

Due to the Coronavirus pandemic and private funeral will take place at Ohev Shalom Cemetery in Orlando with Rabbi Arnold Siegel of Jewish Family Services officiating.
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