Orchestra Staff


Paul Helfrich
Executive Director
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Candace Neal
Executive Assistant
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Artistic Operations

Mark Fischer
Director of Artistic Operations
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Carl Rendek
Production Manager
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Amy Cullen
Manager of Education & Community Engagement
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Jamie Erpenbach
Artistic Operations Manager
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Tim Pappas
Orchestra Personnel Manager
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Simone Silé
Principal Librarian
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Bronwyn Hagerty
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Finance & Administration

Joel Huey
Director of Finance & Administration
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Bethany Harris
Accounting Coordinator
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Jennifer Coolidge
Director of Philanthropy
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Tristan Ruby
Grants and Impact Manager
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Emma Parker
Development Coordinator
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Carolyn Bourne
Development Assistant
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Sales, Marketing & Communications

Cristina Venturini
Director of Marketing & Sales
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Theresa Harper
Manager of Sales & Patron Services
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Sara Costner
Marketing Coordinator
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Sarah Warder
Patron Services Coordinator
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Colin Brooks
Patron Services Associate
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Chloe Sheffield
Ticket Agent

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