Orlando Philharmonic Orchestra’s Young People’s Concert Goes All-Virtual in 2020

Filmed at Addition Arena, The Plaza Live, & Harriett’s Orlando Ballet Centre

The Orlando Philharmonic Orchestra is pleased to bring the annual Young People’s Concert virtually into homes and schools this November. Conditions of the COVID-19 pandemic, including limited capacity on school buses and the closure of venues, made this the right decision for the times. Throughout the 28-year history of the Orlando Philharmonic Orchestra, the annual presentation of the Young People’s Concert has been a highlight for students and teachers alike. 2020 marks the first virtual presentation of the concert that ordinarily reaches 60,000 Central Florida grades 3–5 students in Bob Carr Theater.

“We’re really excited about this year’s Young People’s Concert,” said Paul Helfrich, executive director of the Orlando Philharmonic Orchestra. “Our virtual edition is going to use technology to make the concert even more fun and engaging. Plus, we can now potentially reach even more children, throughout the Central Florida area and beyond. We are very grateful to Scott Evans and all our friends at Orange County Public Schools for their outstanding support that has made this possible.”

The recording took place at Addition Financial Arena– on the University of Central Florida campus– as well as The Plaza Live, home of the Orlando Philharmonic Orchestra; and Harriett’s Orlando Ballet Centre, the home of the Orlando Ballet. This pre-recorded and edited concert was done by Diacom Productions.

This year’s program features musicians from the Orlando Philharmonic Orchestra, dancers from the Orlando Ballet, and singers from Opera Orlando. The 2020 Young People’s Concert is entitled “Where in the World is the OPO?”. The program includes popular selections from composers such as John Williams, Jessie Montgomery, Pyotr Ilyich Tchaikovsky, Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart, and more. In an around the world musical adventure, children become spies to help with the quest.

“Since going virtual this year, students and families will see the orchestra, singers, and dancers in ways they never have before! We were able to get up close to the artists and really make it feel like the viewer is a part of the action,” said Amy Cullen, director of education and community at the Orlando Philharmonic Orchestra.

Program Description: Join us on an adventure with our narrator to help solve a very important mystery: Where in the World is the OPO? The Orlando Philharmonic Orchestra is in trouble! The evil, anti-musical mastermind, Dr. Monotone wants to take over the world and put an end to music forever with his new weapon: The Monotonizer 3000. This powerful device is capable of transforming all the musical notes that ever existed into one, singular, ear-piercing, terrible-sounding honk. What would our world be with one note, one instrument, one culture, one language? Our narrator, a brand new spy on her very first mission under Maestro Enterprises Inc., has T-minus 40 minutes to travel the world in search of Dr. Monotone’s secret lair. Grab your high tech gadgets and spy gear as we explore cultures and countries for clues. Only with the audience’s imaginations, problem-solving skills, and musical insight will we be able to prevent the end of diversity in music as we know it!

The program will be available starting November 18th at 12:00 a.m. ET, and will be available for streaming throughout Florida and across the world. Viewers will have 48 hours to view the program at any time, as many times as they would like. Those purchasing tickets will be sent more information on how to view the program, as well as the performance streaming link, as the release date approaches. A digital Teacher Guidebook is available to guide teachers in preparing students to fully benefit from the program.

Tickets are $8, and group sales can be done at a discounted price by contacting the Orlando Philharmonic Box Office at 407.770.0071. To best support the orchestra, we ask that viewers please purchase the number of tickets that correspond with the number of people in your viewing party. You can purchase your tickets by clicking here.

The 2020 Young People’s Concert is presented by Walt Disney World Resort. Generous support for the 2020 Young People’s Concert comes from the Martin Andersen – Gracia Andersen Foundation; Duke Energy; the Florida Alliance for Arts Education; the Kay Hardesty Logan Foundation; the Chesley G. Magruder Foundation; and Publix Supermarket Charities. The Orlando Philharmonic Orchestra is funded in part by United Arts of Central Florida, home of OrlandoAtPlay.com and UAArtsEd.com, and the State of Florida, Department of State, Division of Cultural Affairs, the Florida Council on Arts and Culture and the State of Florida.


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