As we celebrate Thanksgiving and the beginning of the holiday season, the Orlando Philharmonic thanks everyone who helps us bring music to the community, from our most significant donors to those who do the little, sometimes thankless jobs, and all of our supporters and fans–you are each an instrumental part of our success.

To our Musicians, who are the heart of the Philharmonic. Thank you for your time, talents and the magic you bring to creating beautiful symphonic music.

To our Friends members and Volunteers, who humbly dedicate your time to our education programs, special events and projects throughout the year, thank you for your enthusiasm and dedication.

To our Board Members, who are community ambassadors for the orchestra, thank you for your leadership and direction as we fulfill our mission.

To our Donors, Corporate Sponsors and Community Supporters, who make an investment in the orchestra and its mission, thank you for your generosity.

To our Audiences, who are the reason we make music, thank you for attending concerts and sharing with your friends and family.

To Students and Teachers, with your energy and enthusiasm, thank you for reminding us why music matters.

To Guest Artists and Conductors, who come together with our musicians to present incredible musical performances, thank you for being the best at what you do, and sharing your talent with the orchestra and the community.

To the Stage Crew, Ushers, Hospitality Staff and Others at Bob Carr Theater and The Plaza Live, who work behind the scenes and go out of your way to make patron experiences memorable, thank you for always making a difference.

To Community Arts Leaders and Organizations, who partner with the orchestra on special projects and events, and present the orchestra in your venues, thank you for making Central Florida a collaborative, culturally rich community.

To Staff, Consultants, Interns and Business Partners, who go above and beyond to keep the orchestra running, thank you for the small things and the big things that help us continue to grow.

Happy Thanksgiving, from the Orlando Philharmonic Orchestra.