Orlando Philharmonic Awarded United Arts Grant

In June, United Arts awarded the Orlando Philharmonic a $2,500 mini grant to bring the orchestra’s Notes in Your Neighborhood program to the Boys and Girls Club of Central Florida’s Walt Disney World Clubhouse, located West of downtown Orlando.  

The Philharmonic’s Notes In Your Neighborhood program enhances the lives of students by bringing music education and cultural enrichment to their communities. Notes in Your Neighborhood is a five visit program, with each visit including two one hour visits. The program will include visits from Philharmonic musicians with hands-on activities. The students will have the opportunity to try out different instruments and conduct musical science experiments.

“We are thrilled to bring Notes in Your Neighborhood to Boys and Girls Club of Central Florida,” said Orlando Philharmonic Education Director Leia Barrett. “We are huge fans of their work and cannot wait to play our part!”

The Boys and Girls Club of Central Florida is the largest branch of the Boys and Girls Club in the country. Located adjacent to two Title 1 elementary schools in a low income neighborhood, the Walt Disney World Clubhouse is currently one of only two designated “arts” campuses.

Notes in Your Neighborhood was established in 2010, with Rock Lake Elementary receiving the first program. Notes in Your Neighborhood sessions have explored music at four elementary schools, and we are excited to add Azalea Park elementary to the list for the 2014-15 season.

This project is supported by United Arts of Central Florida, host of power2give.org/centralflorida and the collaborative Campaign for the Arts.

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