Dina Fedosenko


Member since: 2004
Hometown: Almaty, Kazakhstan
Hobbies/Interests: Holistic nutrition and living, energetic and alternative medicine.

A native from Kazakhstan (Soviet Republic), Dina Fedosenko graduated with honors from Almaty State Conservatory in Kazakhstan. During her studies, Dina participated in numerous music ensembles, chamber groups, and symphonic orchestras. Before coming to America, Dina held a core position in the State Symphony Orchestra of Kazakhstan and a teaching position in the Kazakhstan International School. After moving to the USA in 2002, she held several positions in different orchestras throughout the country, before winning the 1-year position of Assistant Concertmaster of Orlando Philharmonic in September of 2008. Currently, Dina is a nuclear member of the Orlando Philharmonic and a member of few other orchestras in Central Florida, such as the Space Coast Symphony Orchestra, Brevard Symphony Orchestra, and Bach Festival Society’s Orchestra. She enjoys playing different music styles and is always open to learning something new.

Dina resides in Altamonte Springs with her husband Vladimir and son Andrew.