Jeffrey Thomas

Principal Trombone

Member since: 1994
Hometown: Kirkland, IL
Hobbies/Interests: Cooking, gardening, and reading.

To me, music only exists in this world for one reason…to express emotion and for a performer to be able to communicate the feelings he has inside to others via the composer’s art. Some of my most gratifying musical experiences have occurred while I was alone playing music for myself in preparation for a public performance. These epochs of self-expression bring peace and catharsis that are unmatched.

A native of Kirkland, Illinois, Jeffrey Thomas is an active performer and recording artist living in Davenport, Florida with his wife Kathy and their six children. After graduating from Florida State University, Jeffrey attended North Texas State University as a Graduate Teaching Fellow, playing in the famed 1:00 Jazz Lab Band. He is the former Principal Trombonist of the Florida West Coast Symphony Orchestra (Sarasota, FL) and has toured nationally, recording three albums with the Dallas Brass. Jeff has been the principal trombonist of the Philharmonic since 1994 and continues his active career as a performer with various orchestras, ensembles, and shows in the region.