Maureen May


Member since: 1993
Hometown: Sioux Falls, South Dakota
Hobbies/Interests: When I am not playing music, I am encouraging others to find a way to make music through teaching. When I have downtime, I like to explore all of the wonderful places that Florida has to offer.

Music speaks to the heart and soul through a path that words simply cannot journey.

Maureen May began performing with the Orlando Philharmonic as a core member of the cello section in 1993. Maureen is the founder and Artistic Director of the Metropolitan Area Youth Symphony (MAYS), a multi-level youth orchestra system with over 200 members from nine Central Florida counties and centers in Orlando and Lake County. MAYS was founded in the memory of her late husband, Jonathan May, with the sole purpose of continuing the spirit and tradition of teaching in a manner that is consistent with his life’s mission. Maureen also sits on the Board of Directors for The Jonathan May Foundation, which is dedicated to providing opportunities in orchestral music education to students of the MAYS.

Maureen currently teaches strings at Trinity Preparatory School and has served on the faculty at Moorhead State University and Tennessee Technological University. In Florida, Maureen was the orchestra director at Maitland Middle School and Winter Park High School, started the strings program at Park Maitland School, and taught at Millennium Middle School.

Maureen resides in Winter Park where she spends her spare time with her wonderful friends and family.